This course introduces students to the essential concepts surrounding information technology networking and security. Topics include operating system and network vulnerabilities, web application security, cryptography, password management and access control, as well as business-related topics such as disaster recovery and risk management. 

This course prepares the learners to administer networks using the Microsoft Windows Server 2012R2 operating system, focusing on updates to the software and in-depth coverage of the administration aspects of Windows Server 2012R2, this course includes topics such as installing, configuring, managing and troubleshooting.

An applied course that builds on first year programming courses. Allows students to work on small to medium sized projects within guidelines specified by faculty. Students will be introduced to one or more modern web development frameworks, as well as industry best practices such as unit testing and the use of version control software.

An introduction to current technologies and best practices used in the design, implementation, and operation of Linux-based servers and services. Students will install and configure a range of network services such as Apache, DNS, Firewalls, email, and data backup.