An opportunity to become familiar with a wide range of computer components including CPUs, motherboards, magnetic, optical, and solid-state storage, video cards and displays, multimedia devices, printers, network interfaces, and other peripherals. (2:0:3)

An applied exploration of the installation, configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting techniques applicable to modern operating systems. Topics include researching hardware and software compatibility, operating system installation, hardware device configuration, peripheral connectivity and network configuration. ITAS 167 was formerly called ITAS 167T; credit will not be granted for both courses. (2:0:2)

An applied introduction to the concepts and methodologies used by professionals in the programming field to provide an overview of current programming practices. An exploration of case studies and projects involving a current programming language, along with select programming resources. Emphasizes the importance of sound design strategies in any programming project.

This course will introduce students to the basic principles of web design and advancements in the industry such as HTML 5 and Responsive web page design. The second part of the course will introduce modern CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap, as well as an introduction to programming with JavaScript and embedding scripts into web pages.