This course will explore common Windows server administration tasks including managing the server operating system, file and Active Directory services, software distribution and updates, user permissions and access control, as well as profiling, securing, monitoring and troubleshooting servers. This course includes an introduction to Windows server virtualization technology.

Students will investigate current technologies and best practices used in the design, implementation, and operation of Linux-based servers and services, including advanced technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing.

This course covers a range of wired and wireless networking technologies including the configuring and operation of switches and routers, TCP/IP protocols, how data is transferred between devices and network security concepts.

An applied exploration of the installation, configuration, maintenance, and troubleshooting techniques applicable to modern networked operating systems such as Linux. Topics include researching hardware and software compatibility, operating system installation and virtualization, hardware device configuration, peripheral connectivity and network, and network services configuration.

ITAS Practicum for first year students in the Intersession, 2022