ITAS Student Email

Access Information: 

Students can access their email by the following address:

The default access information is as follows:

Login Name: Firstname.LastName (E.g. Brent.Lee)

Password: ITAS ID Number (E.g. 123456789) (It is mandatory that students rotate these passwords)


All students, faculty and alumni of the ITAS program are provided with an email account. These accounts are managed by the VIU ITAS Technician and hosted on the Google Cloud, and are subject to terms highlighted below


Faculty and technical staff within the ITAS program will only communicate with students via their ITAS Email accounts. Students are encouraged to check their email regularily during active studies.


Information stored on the Google Apps server is secured with a 256-bit cypher SSL encryption. Students are still encouraged to rotate their passwords on a regular interval to ensure the highest level of integrity relating to their email.


All Email accounts are hosted on Google Apps, and require student consent on a 3rd party information agreement prior to receiving access.

If a student does not wish to use Google Apps for any particular reason, they will be provided with a special account hosted in ITAS with a pseudonym name. Students may also ask that ITAS use a pseudonym name in the cloud rather than their real name if they have a valid concern.


Email accounts may remain active for successful alumni of the program for five years upon graduation. If a student does not complete the program in full, their account will be deleted six months after their last attended day in ITAS. This agreement is subject to change with a one year notice.

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