ITAS Portal 

Access Information: 

Registered students can access this portal if they are in active classes within the ITAS Program

The default access information is as follows:

Login Name: Firstname.LastName (E.g. Brent.Lee)

Password: ITAS ID Number (E.g. 123456789) (It is mandatory that students rotate these passwords)


All students, faculty and alumni of the ITAS program are provided with access to the portal. These accounts are managed by the VIU ITAS Technician and hosted on a production server within the environment.


Important announcements are pushed to the front page and course pages within the portal on a regular basis.

Faculty and technical staff within the ITAS program will only communicate with students via their ITAS Email accounts and via the ITAS portal. Students are encouraged to check their email regularly during active studies for information relating to course work.


Information stored on the Portal is secured with SSL encryption. Students are encouraged to rotate their passwords on a regular interval to ensure the highest level of integrity relating to their grade, assessment and submission information.


All portal accounts are hosted within Windows Server 2008 R2, and require student's agreement to VIU's acceptable use privacy prior to using the resources.


Portal accounts will remain active for successful students for a short period (1 month after classes). Students should download information they require before their rights are removed.

If a student does not complete the program in full, their account will be deleted five days after their last attended day in ITAS. This agreement is subject to change with a one year notice.

Last modified: Saturday, 3 September 2011, 1:58 PM