Documentation and Submission Guidelines

  1. Make sure documentation is in a .doc or .pdf format unless otherwise indicated
  2. If you have multiple files please zip them together into one file for submission. DO NOT zip a single Word or PDF file submission!
  3. File name format: ITAS167_LAB01_DAVE.SMITH.pdf (or .doc .zip). If you are working in a group please include all names in the filename ie. DAVE.SMITH_JOHN.DOE.pdf 
  4. Even if you are working in pairs or groups you each need to submit documentation so I can grade properly, it can be the exact same document but make sure each person submits! Unless notified otherwise.
  5. Make sure your submission includes a title page with the aspects below and an introduction to start your document
    1. Course
    2. Title (Project title)
    3. Name (All names if in pairs or group)
    4. Date
  6. Include an objective or executive summary at the beginning of your document, explaining what the document is for and it is intended target audience.
  7. Include a Summary section at the end and use Section Headings to organize different parts of the lab, or assignment/project. 
  8. Include page numbers and a table of contents, if the document is over 3 pages in length.
  9. Please don't have any spelling mistakes, spell checkers are everywhere! Use them.
  10. Labels for screenshots should be below the screenshot and include a brief description
  11. Screenshots should not be by themselves, they should have a supporting paragraph, explaining why they are there.
  12. If you are pasting text make sure you format the font the same as the rest of the document.
  13. Cite your resources/references in the proper format.

Please take a look at some of the example documentation in the portal in the general section of your course.

Last modified: Sunday, 18 October 2020, 2:13 PM